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Faculty Interviews

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Joetta Forsyth, Ph.D.

Joetta Forsyth, PhD

Assistant Professor of Finance

"One of the students' favorite parts of class is when I hold "How to Impress Your Boss" sessions. They can bring in issues they are dealing with on the job and we work through it."

Speaks on:

Experiential Learning, Student Engagement, Building Relationships



Paul Gift, Ph.D.

Paul Gift, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics

"I break up lectures with group activities or games... This helps give students a clearer, more memorable understanding of the business implications of the market scenarios we are examining."

Speaks on:

Personal Attention, Experiential Learning, Student Engagement



Nelson Granados at Pepperdine Graziadio

Nelson Granados, PhD

Assistant Professor of Information Systems

"I enjoy mentoring students... I currently sit on the board of advisors of tech startups launched by students – it is so rewarding to see them applying the principles they learned here in class."

Speaks on:

Student Engagement, Personal Attention, Experiential Learning


Jack Green, PhD

Professor of Strategy

"The simulations I use in my strategy course are invaluable... I've been told by former CEOs that this is as close to running an actual company as you can get."

Speaks on:

Experiential Learning, Student Engagement, Personal Attention

Kevin Groves, Ph.D.

Kevin Groves, PhD

Associate Professor of Organizational Theory and Management

"In my leadership course, each student completes a 360-degree leadership assessment... It's very individualized and depends entirely on their own challenges."

Speaks on:

Learner-focused, Blended Learning, Experiential Learning

Kenneth Ko, Ph.D.

Kenneth Ko, PhD

Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences

"Much has changed in the last few years, and it's vital to adapt and communicate in ways that students are comfortable with. I host discussion threads, make announcements, and address students' questions online."

Speaks on:

Blended Learning, Learner-focused, Student Engagement

Dave McMahon, D.B.A.

Dave McMahon, DBA

Associate Professor of Marketing

"In my class, I like to encourage the free flowing of ideas – you could call it 'controlled chaos.' My goal is to create a 'we're all here to help each other get better' atmosphere."

Speaks on:

Building Relationships, Student Engagement, Learner-focused