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Funds for Excellence Proposals

Center for Applied Research

Applied Research Pepperdine GraziadioAll full-time faculty may apply for Funds for Academic Excellence. Proposals need to clearly be aligned with our School mission. Proposals that include the production of manuscript(s) for publication in quality outlets are preferred.

Any software, capital equipment, or other enduring assets that would be acquired through these funds will become property of the School as a whole. Purchase of these items must be coordinated through Academic Affairs, or risk non-reimbursement, per University policy.

Faculty will be expected to report the results of their research to their faculty colleagues in a future Academic Forum or similar venue.

Please forward your proposals via e-mail to your Department Chair and CC the Director of the Center for Applied Research (mark.chun@pepperdine.edu). All proposals will be considered and a funding decision rendered within 30 days of submission. The following information is a template that should be used for FFE proposals.

Funds for Excellence Proposal Template


Statement of proposed project

Within this statement, please indicate whether your work will lead to a written manuscript that will be submitted for publication.

Please describe how the proposed expenditure will benefit at least two areas below.

  • your teaching

  • your intellectual contributions

  • the Graziadio School

  • the University

  • contemporary business practice


How much are you requesting and how would funds be used? Please include estimated amounts for major categories, and provide documentation when appropriate. (Proposals that include estimates which appear inflated and/or are unsupported with documentation may be only partially funded or rejected altogether.)

Funds may be used for items such as travel, software, hard assets, labor (outside services such as surveying or transcription), and databases. Please note if your proposal will also encumber internal school resources, such as support staff. In addition, please note if you are expecting to receive any funds for this project from any other source.

Applicants are asked to include a copy of their updated curriculum vita with the proposal.