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Study in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany One-Week Intensive

The Future of German Business

Germany - the strongest and largest economic nation in Europe… and possibly the world in the near future. Witness how this could be by visiting key companies in this program that takes a sneak peak at the future of business in Germany.

Program Costs

$3,700 Single Room Accommodation*

$3,200 Student Shared Room (participant responsible for finding roommate)*

The program fees include:

  • Lodging for six nights

  • Breakfasts; some lunch and dinner (rest on own)

  • Academic sessions

  • Transportation during the program dates

  • Speakers

  • Cultural tours and activities

  • Excursion to Hamburg (subject to change)

  • Final dinner

Airfare, taxi, and other travel expenses are additional. Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

If you plan to take this course for academic credit, standard tuition fees will also apply in addition to the program fee. If you take this course for no credit, it WILL NOT fulfill your global requirement. Global Programs office will notify the Programs Office to register you for course credit.

*Program prices are subject to change.

Tuition Reimbursement

Students who receive company tuition reimbursement are obligated to meet their tuition payment due date regardless of the Global trip completion date or grades availability. The $50.00 late company reimbursement fee and a daily finance charge of .027% will accrue upon any unpaid overdue balance.

Graduation Information

Students taking Global Business Intensive Courses offered in April will be enrolled in the previous Spring trimester and will graduate in August at the earliest.

Safety Issues and Course Cancellation

Planning of this course is contingent upon a safe and secure environment in the country and region of designation. Any change in safety conditions that may impact the successful facilitation of the course will result in modification and/or cancellation of this course and may result in only partial reimbursement of program costs to participants. Pepperdine University assumes no liability for cancellation of a program due to circumstances beyond its control.


Global Programs will make dorm arrangements for you. Roommate options are available (no co-ed). Students must lodge at program dorm at all times.

Lead Faculty

Mark Mallinger
Mark Mallinger, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Applied Behavioral Science; Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Andreas Simon Assistant Professor of Accounting
Andreas Simon, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor of Accounting

*Subject to change

**For admitted students only.