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2011 Award Recipient Bios

Student Awards

Richard Boudreau

Richard George Boudreau, BS, MA, DDS, MD, JD, MBA, PhD
Presidents and Key Executives MBA Program
Attorney at Law
Outstanding Executive Student

Richard is a remarkable talent. He is an experienced executive and healer who exemplifies the Graziadio School’s focus on a values-centered education and lifestyle. With great success in numerous prestigious roles such as maxillo-facial surgeon, attorney, forensic expert, and bioethicist, his passion for learning continues unabated. as he is pursuing a doctorate degree in the United Kingdom with an emphasis on medical ethics. When asked about his greatest achievement he responded: I look at myself as a father and friend who includes loyalty, protective instinct, understanding, patience, support, and endearing love as the greatest accomplishment.

Carol Howard

Carol Howard
Full-time MBA Program
International MBA
Outstanding Full-time Student

Carol’s ambition, commitment, and compassion exemplify her as a leader. Whether planning NAWMBA cultural events, mentoring incoming students as an emerging leader or discussing concept application in the classroom, Carol inspires her peers to tirelessly follow their passion. As an international MBA at the Graziadio School, she represented the student body abroad at the HKUST in Hong Kong and the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and helped international students integrate at the Malibu campus. Carol was also an esteemed member of YPO and The Executive Committee (TEC).

Gina Paone

Gina Paone
Master of Science in Organization Development
Deputy Division Chief of HRD & Staff Development
International Monetary Fund
Outstanding MSOD Student

Gina is graduating this August, and is currently a deputy division chief of HRD and staff development with the International Monetary Fund. She is highly regarded among her peers as always bringing a positive, thoughtful, and heartfelt perspective to the class. Her contribution to others learning is matched only by her own embrace of learning that is offered by the program. Gina is an example of academic excellence, incredible “use of self” as an instrument of change, and a person who deeply cares for others less fortunate in the world and has put that into action.

Kevin Streeter

Kevin Streeter
Bachelor of Science in Management
Director, Surgical Services
Verdugo Hills Hospital
Outstanding Bachelor Student

Kevin is a recent April graduate of the bachelor’s completion program and has been accepted into the MBA program starting this summer. He was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor society with a 3.8 grade point average. He’s employed by Verdugo Hills Hospital as director of surgical services. Kevin has an ADN degree in nursing, is a registered nurse and has served as a hospital corpsman for six years in the Navy. He will be working with the Pepperdine Waves of Service talking with youth groups about being a medical nurse.

Nancy Yu

Nancy Yu
Fully Employed MBA Program
Purchasing Manager
Surfaces USA
Outstanding Part-time Student

Nancy is graduating this August and is a candidate for the Beta Gamma Honor Society. With a concentration in entrepreneurship, she plans to start her own business and is on target to have her product available to the consumer market this fall. “Nancy is a problem solver and an idea generator,” according to her professor, Dr. Larry Cox. “She’s a great presenter – by far the best pitcher in her class. And she has an infectious energy and drive.”

Alumni Awards

Meisha Sherman

Meisha Sherman
EMBA 2005
Director of External Relations, GAN council, Los Angeles
Manager, Leadership Development
Outstanding Alumnus

Meisha is a graduate of the executive MBA program and has played an instrumental role in the leadership of GAN LA and the Black Alumni Council. She established and fostered the Graziadio School’s charity partnership with the Magic Johnson Foundation and led the coordination of the first volunteer fair for the 2011 Graziadio School Career Forum. Meisha has also been actively involved in the recruitment and professional advancement of Graziadio School students. She has referred numerous students to Pepperdine, has facilitated on-campus visits for students to Raytheon, and was active in the Graziadio School’s student mentorship program. Meisha is a dedicated volunteer who has molded the lives of future and current alumni.

Faculty Award

John Paglia

John Paglia
Associate Professor of Finance
Pepperdine University
Outstanding Faculty Member

John is the associate professor of finance at the Graziadio School. Two years ago, he launched the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project. This one of-a-kind project has done groundbreaking research into the behavior and traits of private capital markets. Since then, the project has published five reports on private capital markets and has been downloaded more than 15,000 times in over 60 countries. Media coverage of this work has included the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week, Forbes, the Investor’s Business Daily, and ABC News. Through this project, John is recognized as a faculty member who has leveraged business connections for a tremendous impact at the Graziadio School and Pepperdine University.

Waves of Service Award

Cassandra Loch

Cassandra Loch, MBA 2006
Chief Program Officer
Waves of Service Award

Cassandra earned her MBA in 2006. In the year of her graduation she was appointed chief program officer for PROTOTYPES, Centers for Innovation in Health, Mental Health in Social Services. In less than a year, she was promoted to the office of the president and chief executive officer. She has been described as “a smart and patient change agent” because of her role in advancing PROTOTYPES and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Cassandra has led PROTOTYPES toward its nonprofit status, which allows it to provide innovative health and social services to more than 15,000 women, children, and communities affected by substance abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence.

Outstanding Corporate Partner Award


The Walt Disney Company is a valued corporate partner to the Graziadio School and has demonstrated active and increasing support over the last five years. Disney has provided MBA-level case projects through the Education to Business program and engaged more than 125 students across five key projects. In addition, Disney has maintained an active recruiting relationship with the school, consistently posting opportunities on Graziadio Talent Online for internships and full-time positions. In recent years, Disney has hired 12 MBA students and graduates for internships and full-time employment.