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Partner Company Testimonials: Raytheon

"Raytheon provided a scope of work, just like a consulting project, to the class. After some negotiations an agreement was reached with clear vision on where we needed to go (with the project) ... from all the feedback both parties benefited from the situation. A real win-win situation. Raytheon would love to continue working with Pepperdine University on such projects. We are looking for a long-term relationship."

- Edward Munoz
   Director Government Relations
   Raytheon Company

“Raytheon’s participation in the Pepperdine E2B program continues to be a totally positive and rewarding experience.  At the outset of our ITSS class project, we worked jointly to focus our objectives and expectations and we made more progress in one session that we had previously made in months of struggling on our own.  Working with the students, they saw possibilities way beyond our dreams.  Finally, the creativity, enterprise and enthusiasm of the teams returned so much more than our limited investment.  We are actively pursuing some of the teams’ concepts and look forward to participation in follow on projects with Pepperdine.”

- Gill Tansley
   Program Manager - Pasadena Operations
   Raytheon, Technical Services Company

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