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Partner Company Testimonials: Microfabrica Inc.

"Microfabrica's participation in the Pepperdine E2B program has been a very positive and rewarding experience. Everyone we met - students, instructors, and the administrators of the program were capable, attentive, passionate, and well prepared. We put in front of the students a highly complex challenge - six completely different paths to take a compelling platform technology to market with many variables - and asked them to sort it all out with respect to product definition, market dynamics, go-to-market strategy, and financials. With little guidance from us (but a lot from their capable and insightful professor), they came back to us with six very impressive and comprehensive business plans. We have already put these to use, and plan to expand upon them in the future. We certainly expect to continue to knock on the E2B door when we have similar needs."

- Vacit Arat
President & CEO
Microfabrica Inc.

Microfabrica Inc.