Partner Company Testimonials: Brice Seating, A TIMCO Aerosystems Company

“We were truly impressed with the quality of the research, analysis and insights offered by the students in the Pepperdine E2B Program. In a very short time, the teams were able to assimilate aspects of our complex industry space and provided us with valuable insights and recommendations we had not fully considered in the past. In a way, it has been as if we had multiple extensions of our in-house capabilities, each leaving us with unique and well-thought perspectives on our market opportunities. The results of their work will be reflected in our business strategy and direction for the next fiscal year and beyond.”

- Eric D. Jensen
  General Manager
  Brice Seating

  A TIMCO Aerosystems Company

- Leonard Kazmerski
  Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
  TIMCO Aviation Services

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