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Past Internship Highlights

Build Brand Awareness

Working for the Coca-Cola Company's western regional office, this Pepperdine MBA intern assisted with building brand awareness of the company's energy drink product line through strategic events and alternative media. The energy brand sampling program resulted in $1 million in profits.

Maximize Revenue

The Pepperdine MBA intern assigned to the Mandates, Projects, and Support team at AT&T helped to document and analyze a process for tracking and managing contract expirations. As a result, more than $17 million annually was identified for retention in expiring contract revenue.

Identify New Partners

Leveraging his international background, this Pepperdine MBA intern assisted Paramount Pictures in performing market research and analysis of new international markets and developing new business ideas for potential partners.

Establish Best Practices

This Pepperdine MBA intern put his skills to work for Starbucks by building a process flow chart for a new leasing process for the company's Lease Management business unit. In addition, he created a training manual to educate outside legal counsel regarding the Starbucks leasing process.

Find the Competitive Advantage

Working with Visure, an advertising measurement company, the Pepperdine MBA intern assigned to the Business Management department developed a new statistical tool to measure more effectively the value of product placement for the company's clients. The new tool is poised to deliver higher returns by identifying popular products.

Managing Risk

Countrywide Financial Corporation leveraged its Pepperdine MBA intern to assist its team in developing a risk matrix for a new business unit focused on structured finance products. At the time, the intern's team was facing a 300 percent increase in workload.