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Hire a Pepperdine Intern

Hire a Pepperdine MBA intern

Hiring a Pepperdine intern can help your organization gain fresh insights and strategic support while investing in your talent base for tomorrow. Choose potential candidates from the Graziadio School's Full-time MBA, International MBA, or M.S. in Global Business programs.

Hire an Experience-Driven Leader

While some schools emphasize theory, Pepperdine students are challenged to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world, real-time business challenges, giving them the experience needed to contribute to your organization's bottom line.

Pepperdine interns bring, on average, four years of work experience in a variety of industries. International students, comprising approximately 35% of our student body, can also provide the added value of their global perspective.

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How to Recruit an Intern

Find interns online, on campus or off campus -- or contact us and we'll help get you started.

Company Testimonials

What Employers Say About Our Interns

Read what companies have to say about their experience with Pepperdine interns.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn about some of the initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility students engage in at Pepperdine.



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For more information about hiring a Pepperdine intern, please contact the Office of Career Services at (310) 506-4106 or cmc@pepperdine.edu.