Students are required to participate in at least one ENTR 660 Opportunities in Entrepreneurship Seminar prior to or after enrolling in ENTR 661.

ENTR 661 and ENTR 662 must be taken in sequence and precede the other courses. ENTR 667 is a capstone course which must be taken upon completion of the other five courses. FINC 663, ENTR 664, and MKTG 665 may be taken concurrently or in any order, but are best taken in sequence starting with FINC 663, followed by ENTR 664, and ending with MKTG 665.

Required Courses
ENTR 661 - Entrepreneurship and the Generation of New Venture Ideas (2 units)
ENTR 662 - The Feasibility of New Venture Ideas (2 units)
FINC 663 - Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures (2 units)
ENTR 664 - Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures (2 units)
MKTG 665 - Marketing Entrepreneurial Ventures (2 units)
ENTR 667 - New Venture Creation (2 units)

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