Concentration in Marketing

A marketing concentration provides the basic concepts, techniques, and tools for developing marketing strategy and marketing programs. Graduates will be prepared to help organizations decide which consumer groups to serve and which product and services to produce, and to create appropriate promotional, pricing, and distribution arrangements central to profitably generating growth opportunities. This preparation is relevant for a variety of career paths, including brand/product management, marketing research, new product development, sales force management, advertising, and management consulting.

Course No.Course TitleUnits
MKTG 663 Strategic Issues in Marketing 2
MKTG 667 Sales and Sales Force Management 2
MKTG 662 Advertising and Promotion Management 2
MKTG 668 Business-to-Business Marketing 2
MKTG 641 New Product Management 2
MKTG 669* Marketing Research 2
MKTG 670 Marketing and Technology 2
MKTG 671 Global Marketing 2
MKTG 665 Marketing New Ventures 2
MKTG 673 Pricing 2
MKTG 676 Brand Management 2
MKTG 677 Consumer Behavior 2

*Highly recommended for students seeking a marketing concentration.