Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is, at its core, a creative activity. It involves starting a new venture with an innovative idea — frequently for a market that currently does not exist. As a result, the entrepreneurship concentration at Pepperdine's Graziadio Business School is built upon courses designed to help you tap into your creativity, and then translate your creative vision into a real business that not only produces wealth, but also allows you to express your personal values.

Your first step includes two courses to assist you in discovering your own brainchild— a personally compelling venture idea with large market potential. These are followed by three courses to help you flesh out a business model that will generate profits, build your organization and make connection with your market. Your final step is a course that pulls it all together, resulting in a business plan that you present to a panel of angel and venture capital investors.

Required Courses

Students have the opportunity to participate in a ENTR 660 Opportunities in Entrepreneurship Seminar prior to or after enrolling in ENTR 661.

ENTR 661 and ENTR 662 must be taken in sequence and precede the other courses. ENTR 667 is a capstone course which must be taken upon completion of the other five courses. ENTR 663, ENTR 664, and ENTR 665 may be taken concurrently or in any order, but are best taken in sequence starting with ENTR 663, followed by ENTR 664, and ending with ENTR 665.

Course No.Course TitleUnitsSuggested Term*
ENTR 660 Opportunities in Entrepreneurship Seminar Series 0 Prior to or during Fall Session A of second year
ENTR 661 Entrepreneurship and the Generation
of New Venture Ideas
2 Fall Session A
ENTR 662 The Feasibility of New Venture Ideas 2 Fall Session B
ENTR 663 Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures 2 Spring Session A
ENTR 664 Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures 2 Spring Session A
ENTR 665 Marketing Entrepreneurial Ventures 2 Spring Session A
ENTR 667 New Venture Creation 2 Spring Session B

*Please note that this sequence is for 20-month MBA students. Since a specific course sequencing is required, other Full-time MBA students desiring a concentration in entrepreneurship must speak with their program advisor before the start of the fall term of their first year. This includes all 12- and 15-month students.