Class Advisors

Jennifer Ward
Class Advisor

Professional Experience
Jennifer Ward has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of fields and has served on the boards of two non-profit ventures. She began her career at Alcoa where she sold aluminum extrusions and tube to major aerospace and ordnance companies. She also worked as a process engineer for one of Alcoa's foundries. She next served as a writer for Machine Design, a design engineering magazine, where she covered the automotive industry and wrote about new cars, automotive technology, and the Indy 500. She also test-drove vehicles and wrote a review column. After earning an M.A. in education, Ms. Ward joined the start-up team at an all-girls middle/high school where she created the science department and helped develop the various processes and culture that came to define the school. At the school she also started a student robotics team, members of which built a 130-pound robot to compete against teams from around the United States. Her team was the first all-girls team on the West Coast and the second such team in the country. She raised over $100,000 in grants in support of that program. After earning her EMBA from Pepperdine in the EMBA-47 class, she served as business manager at a school undergoing a major expansion.


Teaching Experience
Along with her M.A. in education, Ms. Ward brings 10 years of teaching experience to the class advisor position. In addition to teaching a range of subjects and managing a variety of educational projects, she has also spoken on education reform to other educators.

Jennifer Ward's varied experience and educational background, coupled with her experience as an EMBA-47 student, equip her to add significant value to the Executive MBA students' 20-month Pepperdine course of study.