Class Advisors

Jonathan E. Bunce
Class Advisor

Professional Experience
Mr. Bunce brings to the EMBA program 15 years' experience in manufacturing, outsourcing strategies, commercial real estate (REIT) syndications and sales consulting. He has specialized in evaluating, assessing and implementing global manufacturing models to OEM's in the Silicon Valley through channels of manufacturers' representative companies. These virtual operations models are complemented with a revolutionary end-of-product-life management service provided through a plexus of multinational networking firms choreographed by Jonathan. Mr. Bunce also co-founded a commercial real estate company with the former president of the Los Angeles FDIC for private REIT distribution/acquisitions of insolvent bank portfolios. In addition, he has served as a consultant to executives of start-up companies in the Silicon Valley for strategy, organization design and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Bunce]s career has centered on discovering discontinuity within business models. This fortuitous focus has enabled him to become an entrepreneur of five companies, each reaching revenues of approximately $100 million before being either sold or successfully broken up into separate business units focused on core competencies. These business units in their various configurations continue to run to the present time.


Teaching Experience
Mr. Bunce has publicly spoken at entrepreneur seminars on ways to create and develop successful business models. He has served as chairman of education for the ERA and has implemented a successful computer training program for small businesses. He has also provided business models exposés in seminar forums to commercial and residential real estate firms.

Mr. Bunce's entrepreneurial experience provides a breadth of experience not only in starting up and successfully running organizations, but also in management consulting with established multi-billion-dollar global companies. His diverse business ventures range across a multitude of business sectors and organization sizes. This experience enables him to bring a well-rounded portfolio of experience to the Executive MBA program.