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Career Webinars

Career Webinars

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The following webinars, provided by career services, feature insights and tips for putting your best foot forward during the job search process.

Maintaining Your Market Value

How to continue to be successful in today's competitive job market.



Learn how to create your elevator pitch to market and brand yourself.


Networking with Alumni

Learn more about the tools and strategies to help you makes successful business connections.


Resume Tips & How Recruiters Read Resumes 2018

Tips on how to write a good resume and cover letter and to get past an employer's Applicant Tracking System.


Careers by Concentrations

See how your current experience aligns with the concentrations available. For the most current curriculum information, please refer to the academic catalog.


Preparing for Job Interviews

How to impress starting from the initial phone call to the in person meeting.


Get Recruiters to Find YOU

Tips on how to make yourself visible to recruiters


Do an Effective Job Search

Tips on how to perform an effective job search and find what is right for you!


Through the Eyes of a Recruiter

Tips and Tricks from the Other Side


Salary Negotiations

Tips to Effectively Negotiate your Salary and Properly ask for a raise


Grow Your Career

How to Grow in your Position & Career


HR's Role in Organizational Change

Mistakes that Job Seekers Make & How to Avoid Them

Navigating the Career Portal

Finding your Passions & Achieving your Career Goals

Increase the Power of your LinkedIn Profile

How to increase the Power of your LinkedIn Profile (2017)


Influencing Company Culture

The Career Experiment and Influencing Company Culture.


Transitioning into a Fulfilling Career

2016 Salary Guide

How do employees feel about their compensation and their futures?


The Role of Social Media

Why do employers use Social Media to screen candidates?


Interview Strategy with Joe Franco

How to present yourself and best prepare for an interview


The Power of Your LinkedIn Profile

Insights in Navigating Global Business

Livestream of Insights in Navigating Global Business workshop.


Leadership Development

Lynda.com Training Resources

My Salary Negotiations

Market & Employer Analysis

Informational Interviews

Marketing: Owner of the Brand - Livestream