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Enhancing Your Reputation

Refer a Student

Give a $2,500 Scholarship to a Friend

As part of our continued commitment to attracting values-oriented students of the highest caliber to the Graziadio School, we are offering a $2,500 scholarship to new students referred by Pepperdine alumni students, faculty or staff. We believe that current and former members of our community are uniquely positioned to identify driven, ethics-based, and academically rigorous candidates who will enhance our outstanding student body and alumni network.

Referrals by Pepperdine Alumni and Students

Upon acceptance, students referred by alumni, students, faculty or staff will receive a $2,500 scholarship to be applied towards the first trimester of classes.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Referrals must be submitted prior to the student's application.
  2. To refer a future applicant, please complete the online referral form.
  3. Referred students must meet all admission requirements and be admitted to the program to which they apply.
  4. Referrals are not valid for students who have submitted applications, received admission offers, or already enrolled.
  5. The scholarship award is valid for referred students who apply and are admitted within one year from the date the referral is received.

Graziadio Advocates

Thank you to the many alumni and students who have recently taken an active role in referring exceptional students to Pepperdine Graziadio. The following referred students are recipients of the Alumni and Student Referral Scholarship:

2014 Scholarship Recipients 2014 Referrers

Alexis Beamon

Pamela Treatch Kriesand, MBA '99

Gil Biberstein

Talia Nosrati, MBA '10

Amy Blackman

Stasia Washington, PKE MBA '13

Jeremy Born

Robert Morris, MBA '81

Felicia Bright

Denecia Jones, MBA '12

Brian C. Carbone

Linsey Savage Carbone, MBA '12

Navdeep Chhina

Naren Idnani, MBA '14

Bryan Clifton

David Shechtman, MSOD '08

Blake Cohlan

Chip Gale

Sidnei DePaula

Mark Bartkowski, EMBA '12

Sonya DeRose

Ronald Berryman, BS '62

Tahmina Fakhri

Padmaja Dasari, EMBA '13

Morgan Figueroa

Stanislav Pekler, JD '12

Maria Fitzpatrick

LeeDelle Kasper, PKE MBA '05

Edmund Fultang

Luc Melimo Unkap, BSM '10

Jordan Garst

Molly Kemper, BA '12

Joe Gitto

Dat Do, MBA '05

Andre Grujovski

Kevin F. Lewis, MBA '03

Matthew Guillory

Betty Uribe, EMBA '00

Shawn Herrera

Jennifer (Harris) Kelly

Alexander Hinds

Christina Hinds, BA '05

Carine Imasdounian

Christopher Donikian, MBA '11

Zornitsa Hrstova Ivanova

Chris Ho, BSM '12

Michael Jonckheere

David Shechtman, MSOD '08

Scott Jones

Todd Anderson, MBA '12

Diana Kemp

Mohamed Fofana, EMBA '07

Michelle Klein

Richard Harrychan, MBA '11

Stefan Lemperle

John Carnesdale, MBA '11

Tiffany Leslie

Rochelle Groh, EMBA '13

Damon Madison

George Pillow III, MBA '10

Brooke McAdams

Adam Neuman, MBA '94

Heather McCabe

Kim Goff, MSOD '14

Pam Miller

Chris Rud, MSOD '88

Francisco Montes

Tanja D. Carter, BA '88

Dharmesh Patel

Ramachandran Varadharajan, EMBA '12

Kristina Petro

David Callen, MSOD '08

Jennifer Rangel

Roy Jimenez, BA '94

Andrew Rios

Ricardo Vigil

Elena Rodriguez

Jeffrey Hirth, MSML '13

Jason Rofeh

Brian Haloossim, MBA '02

Bridget Rollins

Shandell Maxwell, BSM '10

Jeffrey Shapiro

Peter Jensen, MBA '92

Rehan Siddqui

Brandon Gatke, MBA '12

Carlos Simpson

Janel Reyneke, GSEP '19

Tony Steed

Robert Harloe, MBA '08

Taylor Stone

Elizabeth Munoz

Sunny-Marie C. Tan

Aaron Young, MBA '13

Alice Tang

Jodi Krause, MSOD '10

Esme Williams

Jeffrey Berman, MBA '12

Avonlie Wylson

Melissa Daimler, MSOD '05

Irena Yordanova

Dana Matl, BSM '09