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Financial Aid Profile Summary—Two Year Track

The following are profiles of "typical" students in the BSM program in terms of tuition and financial aid (Federal Stafford Loans):

Students who may take a full load
of 10 units per trimester (6 Term Track)

Program Trimester
Tuition for 10 Units
Federal Loans with
1% Origination Fee
BSM 10 $9,750 $6,188 $3,562
BSM 10 $9,750 $6,188 $3,562
BSM 10 $9,750 $6,188 $3,562
BSM 10 $9,750 $6,188 $3,562
BSM 10 $9,750 $6,188 $3,562
BSM 10 $9,750 $6,188 $3,562
Total 60 $58,500 $37,128 $21,372


  • All students shall borrow the maximum of $12,500 for each loan period (two trimesters).
  • All students shall be enrolled for the maximum length (60 units) of the BSM program.
  • Paybacks are calculated at 7.50% on actual loan amount borrowed and do not assume any accrued interest during BSM tenure.
  • "Net amount disbursed" reflects the amount of money received after the 3% origination fee is deducted from the loan amount borrowed.
  • Maximum aggregate amount available for federal loans is $57,500.
  • All students shall be enrolled at the Graziadio School for a minimum of six units every trimester.
  • Students may, depending on their individual credit, finance the difference through alternative loans made available by the Graziadio School or a combination of personal financial resources and company reimbursement.