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View/Accept Financial Aid Awards

Financial Aid Awards

Graziadio School Financial Aid

To begin, log in to your WaveNet home page (https://wavenet.pepperdine.edu). (If you forgot your login info, contact the University Help Desk at 310.506.HELP.)

Steps 1 - 3

Step 1: View Financial Aid Awards

The Award Summary page displays the types and amounts of offered/accepted financial aid. You may return to this page at any time to view your financial aid awards.

  • In the Finances section, click on the View Financial Aid link
  • Click on the current Aid Year (for example, click 2020 for 2019-2020) to access the Award Summary page
  • Review your financial aid awards by year and/or by term

Step 2: Accept, Reduce, or Decline Financial Aid Awards

The offered financial aid is based on the information provided on your FAFSA. Any changes to your FAFSA information may result in a change to your financial aid eligibility. The awarded loan amount may exceed your current needs. We encourage you to refrain from excessive borrowing by reviewing the offered awards and making adjustments if needed. 

Here are some basic instructions on how to “Accept/Decline Awards”:

  1. Please log on to your Home page through WaveNet:
  2. Click on Finances ($) button.
  3. Select the aid year (2020).
  4. Check the “Accept” or “Decline” checkbox beside each award.
  5. Scroll down on the page and click "Submit".

  • You can accept, decline, or reduce your awards
  • If you would like to reduce your borrowed loan(s), enter the new amount in the "Accepted" column beside the loan(s)
  • If you do not want to accept an award, please “Decline” the award


Step 3: Disclosure Statement Agreement

  • After you click Submit, a disclosure statement with important financial aid information will be displayed
  • Click Yes to indicate that you have read and understood the terms and conditions. (If you click No, your information will not be processed)
  • You will receive confirmation of your submission.