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Christiano Manfrè, MBA, PhD Practitioner of Finance

Christiano Manfrè, MBA, PhD

Practitioner of Finance
Graziadio Business School


Dr. Manfrè's experience includes serving as financial advisor and strategic consultant to domestic and international corporations. His expertise is in merger, acquisition, divestiture, joint venture, corporate restructuring, financing transactions and business valuation. Before joining Pepperdine University, Dr. Manfrè was a visiting assistant professor at Loyola Marymount University with the economics department. He began his financial services career with Standard & Poor’s in Los Angeles.

Prior to his finance career, Dr. Manfrè served as an active duty military officer in the Italian Army's Alpine Troops. There, he had the opportunity to participate in various NATO operations in the Balkans. Dr. Manfrè holds a Laurea Magistralis from Università di Firenze, in Florence, Italy (MA equivalent). He received an MBA in finance from the Drucker School of Management and an MA in economics from Claremont University. He also received a PhD in financial economics from Claremont Graduate University. He holds the Series 24, 28, 7, 79, and 63 FINRA Licenses. His research interest lies primarily in the areas of behavioral finance, international finance and M&A.


  • PhD, Claremont Graduate University, 2016.
    Major: Financial Economics
    Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Behavioral Finance, International Money and Finance

  • MBA, Drucker School of Management, 2003.
    Major: Finance

  • MA, Claremont Graduate University, 2001.
    Major: Financial Economics

  • Laurea (MA equivalent), University of Florence, Italy, 1997.
    Major: Political Science
    Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Political Economy


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  • FINC 614
  • FINC 621
  • FINC 623
  • FINC 624
  • FINC 655
  • FINC 668