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Ann E. Feyerherm, PhD

Professor of Organizational Theory and Management

Phone: (310) 568-5590

Email: ann.feyerherm@pepperdine.edu

Ann Feyerherm Professor of Organizational Theory and Management

Before earning her doctorate, Dr. Feyerherm spent 11 years as a manager of organization development at Procter & Gamble, where she was involved in employee relations, organization design, and corporate downsizing. As a consultant, she has worked with Healthways, Honeywell, Monsanto, Frito-Lay, Two Chefs on a Roll and Boeing on projects such as improving multifunctional teams, creating learning organizations, negotiating effectively, leadership development and managing change.

Dr. Feyerherm conducted research on the role of leadership in negotiating regulatory policy. She is particularly interested in mediation and negotiation of environmental issues and in inter-organizational collaboration across government, business, and environmental communities. In addition, she is interested in increasing human capacity through strength-based approaches. Her work has been published in the Leadership Quarterly, The Graziadio Business Report, and several book chapters. She regularly presents at the Academy of Management and Western Academy of Management.

PhD, University of Southern California, 1993.

Major: Business Administration
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Organization Theory/Org. Behavior

MS, Iowa State University, 1977.

Major: Industrial Relations

BS, Iowa State University, 1973.

Major: Education


PhD, University of Southern California, 1993.

Major: Business Administration
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Organization Theory/Org. Behavior

MS, Iowa State University, 1977.

Major: Industrial Relations

BS, Iowa State University, 1973.

Major: Education

Teaching and Academic Administration Experience

Pepperdine University, Chair of the Organization Theory & Management and Applied
Behavioral Sciences Department, 2009-2015

Pepperdine University, Director of MSOD Program. 2005- 2009

Pepperdine University, Chair of the Organization Theory & Management Discipline and Chair, Strategy Discipline, 2005-2006
Pepperdine University, Chair of the Management Department, 2002-2005.

Pepperdine University, Professor, 1993-present. Responsible for teaching six classes per year to working adults (primary audience) on the subject of organization development, change management, and organization theory. Receive excellent to very good on student ratings (4.8 average).

University of Southern California, Teaching Assistant. Fall 1991 & Spring 1992. I taught two undergraduate organization behavior labs each semester, with approximately 30 students in each lab. My overall average teaching ratings were 4.4 out of 5.0.

Procter & Gamble, Seminar Leader. 1977-1988. I taught contract management, total quality
methods, affirmative action, communication skills, and several week long corporate training
sessions on open systems theory and practice, using experiential methods.

Publications & Selected Presented Papers

Feyerherm, A. (2009). Downsizing with Dignity. Presentation at HR Star Conference, March, Los Angeles.

Feyerherm, A. & Worley, C. (2008). Forward to the Past: Reclaiming OD's Influence in the World, OD Practitioner, pp. 2-8, vol. 40(4)

Egan, T. & Feyerherm, A. (2007). Emotional Dynamism: Playing the Music of Leadership. Graziadio Business Report, vol. 10(2).

Egan, T., & Feyerherm, A (2005). A Blueprint for Change: Appreciative Inquiry; Graziadio Business Report vol. 8(3).

Feyerherm, A. & Vick, Y (2005). Generation X women in high technology: Overcoming gender and generational challenges to succeed in the corporate environment; Career Development International, vol 19(3); 216-230

Cummings, T. & Feyerherm, A. (2005). Large Scale Organization Change; Practicing Organization Development: A Guide for Consultants, Eds. William Rothwell & Roland Sullivan

Egan, T., & Feyerherm, A (2004). Educating for Extraordinary Organizations - Appreciative Inquiry in the Classroom, Appreciative Inquiry 2nd Annual Conference, Miami FL.

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Worley, C., & Feyerherm, A. (2003). Future of OD, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 39(1): 97-115.

Aebig, R. & Feyerherm, A. (2003). Consolidate All IT? Deciding whether to bring "Shadow IT Groups" back under direct IT control, Graziadio Business Report 6 (3).

Worley, C., Feyerherm, A., Egan, T., & Lacey, M. (2003). Educational Effectiveness: Moving from Dialogue to Action, Western Associate of Schools and Colleges79th Annual Meeting, Irvine CA.

Feyerherm, A & Rice, C. (2002). Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, & Teams: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, International Journal of Organization Analysis 10(4) 343-363.

Cordano, M., Feyerherm, A. & Winn, M. (2002). Negotiating stakeholder networks by necessity: The Rocky Flats experience, discussant, Academy of Management.

Feyerherm, A (2001). Applying Environmental and Change Models to a case of Sustainability in a Resort Community. Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop, Washington DC.

Worley, C. & Feyerherm, A. (2001). Founders of the field reflect on the future of OD, Western Academy of Management, Squaw Valley, ID.

Feyerherm, A. & Egan, T. (2001). Appreciative Inquiry. Western Academy of Management, Squaw Valley, ID.

Feyerherm, A. (2001) Downsizing with Dignity, Graziadio Business Journal, Spring.

Milliman, J & Feyerherm, A. (1999). Responding to Community Expectations on Corporate Environmental Performance: How to Develop Effective Citizen Advisory Panels. Corporate Environmental Strategy 6, 164-174

Milliman, J. & Feyerherm, A. (1999) Launching an Effective Citizen Advisory Panel, Graziadio Business Journal. Winter.

Aebig, R. & Feyerherm, A. (1998) When Worlds Collide, Graziadio Business Journal, Summer.

Egri, C., Feyerherm, A., & Rogers, K. (1997). Using Active Learning Techniques to Teach Multiparty Negotiation. Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, Sandra Waddock (ed), Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 117-148.

Cummings, T., & Feyerherm, A. (1995). Interventions in Large Systems. In W. J. Rothwell, (Ed.) Practicing the Art of Organization Development, Lexington Press.

Feyerherm, A. (1995). Fluid Frameworks: A Longitudinal Study of Two Collaborative Rule-Making Groups. In Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, Denis Collins & Mark Starik (eds), Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 231-258.

Feyerherm, A. (1994). Leadership in Collaboration: A Longitudinal Study of Two Interorganizational Rule Making Groups. In Leadership Quarterly.

Feyerherm, A. (1994). Multiple Paths for Inter-Organizational Journeys. Presented at a workshop on Multi-Organizational Partnerships: Working together across Organizational Boundaries. Held in Brussels, Belgium at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management.

Feyerherm, A. (1994). Two Cases of Interorganizational Policy Formation. Presented at Case Writers Workshop, Western Academy of Management Conference, Santa Fe NM.

Feyerherm, A. (1994). The Influence of Dialogue on Multiple Stakeholders in Interorganizational, Collaborative Networks. Presented and in Proceedings of the
International Association for Business and Society, Hilton Head, NC.

Feyerherm, A. (1993). Regulation through Collaboration: A Longitudinal Study of Two Interorganizational Rule-Making Groups. Presented and in Proceedings of the
International Association for Business and Society Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Feyerherm, A. & Mohrman, S. (August 1992). Creating Meaning in Diversity: Leadership in New Product Development Teams. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Meetings, Las Vegas.

Cohen, S., Mohrman, S., Mohrman, A., & Feyerherm, A. (June 1992). Integration in New Product Development: Managing the Convergence/ Divergence Cycle. Paper presented at Western Academy of Management International Conference, Leuven, Belgium.

Mohrman, A., Mohrman, S., Cohen, S., & Feyerherm, A. (January 1991). Creating the Context for Concurrent Engineering Paper presented at Managing Concurrent Engineering, COMER Seminar, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Mohrman, A., Cohen, S., & Feyerherm, A. (August 1991). The design and development of organizations for successful new product development: Learning from an empirical study. In A. Mohrman (Chair), Technology, Organizational Design, and Change: Three Applied Models. Academy of Management Symposium, Miami.

Feyerherm, A., & Muchinsky, P. (1978). Structural and attitudinal factors related to collective negotiations in public school systems. Journal of Collective Negotiations, 7(1), 73-82.


School and University Service

Chair, Management Department (2002 – current)
Faculty Organization President (1996-1997)
Member Faculty Council (2000-2002)
Deans Search Committee (2001-2002)
Chair or Co-Chair of MBA Program Committee for 5 years (1997-2002)
MBA Committee Subcommittee Chair on Petitions (1996-1997)

Redesign Task Force for FEMBA (1999-2001)
MBAJ program design and committee chair (1999-2001)
MSOD program redesign and committee member (1996 - current)
BSM Program committee member (1994-1996)
MBA Preparation Committee (1994-1995)
Keynote speaker for Culver City and Orange County Community College functions hosted by Program Development Office (1996 & 1997)
Participated in numerous MBA orientation sessions (1995-present)
Omega Chi Faculty Advisor (1997-1998)
Chaired Panel at Entrepreneurship meetings (1995, 1996)
Presented or facilitation at three University Faculty conferences
Presented or facilitated at two Graziadio School faculty conferences
Given Invocation or Benediction at three graduations (1997, 1999, 2002)

Community Service

Chair of Outreach Ministry, United Church of Christ, Laguna Niguel CA. (2004-present)

Board of Trustees, United Church of Christ-Long Beach CA (1995)

Presented day-long seminar on leadership to City of Los Angeles top leadership group as part of "Leadership Institute 2000"

Keynote speaker for adjunct faculty at University of Redlands – 1999

Created Southern California Women's Research Colloquium -1994

Program Chair and President, Western Casewriters Association, 1997-1999

Career History

1993-present Associate Professor of Organization and Management Pepperdine University, Graziadio Business School

2002- present Chair of Management Department/Discipline

1989-present Organization Development Consultant

American Healthways: Executive coach for Executive Director of Seattle Center and VP Operations for Status One, ongoing leadership team building, leadership development and facilitate 1:1 meetings with various staff members to increase smooth working relationships. (2002 to present)

Entegra: Provided training session on Appreciative Inquiry as change methodology (through Graziadio Executive Education, 2005)

Verizon: Provided training sessions to Western Regional Management Team on change management (through Graziadio Executive Education, 2004)

Sempra Energy: Work with HR team in their development as a team and trained them on Appreciative Inquiry as a change methodology (2003, 2005).

Experian: Co-facilitated a 2.5 day workshop with top Human Resource Leadership Team (30 people) to increase trust, form vision and develop working teams to achieve vision. Contracted with VP of Human Resources (2002).

R Ranch: Part of a 3-person team to facilitate a 2-day strategic planning session for all stakeholders in this cooperative ownership ranch in the Sequoias (2002).

LAPD: Provided day-long training sessions on Appreciative Inquiry to top 100 officers (through The Graziadio School corporate education program, 2002).

Earth Island Institute: Part of a 2 person team that facilitated 2-day strategic planning session for Board (2001).

Westcom: Taught series of classes on team building and leadership (through The Graziadio School corporate education program, 2001)

3M Occupational Health, Environment & Safety Division Sales: Designed and facilitated 4 day corporate university partnership focused on the "learning organization" (2001)

Two Chefs on a Roll: Designed and facilitated a three day strategic planning process with top management team (2000).

City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering: Designed and implemented an overall training system for 1000 person Bureau. Consulted with senior management on variety of change management issues and team development for over two years (1998-2000).

Infonet: Designed and delivered management development series for mid-managers (through The Graziadio School corporate education program, 1999)

Air Products, Inc.: Co-facilitated series of workshops on appreciating and managing diversity. Consulted with top management team in Western US region on diversity issues (1996-1997).

Confab, Inc.: Consulted on strategy and human resources with the President, VP of Human Resources and Plant Manager for a year during a consolidation and plant shut down. Served in a coaching capacity for plant manager (1995-1996).

Honeywell Automation College: Diagnosed the organization, reorganized systems, provided various management concepts training courses, coached top managers, and provided assessment of systems over a two-year period (1992-1993).

Ocean Spray Cranberries: Developed, trained, and facilitated top managers in an intensive one week workshop on open systems management principles (1992).

Chevron: Worked intensively over six month period with one cross-functional exploration team to assess and provide recommendations for working together more productively. Provided coaching to the team leader on team effectiveness strategies (1990-1991).

Frito-Lay: Provided a series of two-day diversity workshops for Western division management teams and provided follow-up coaching to managers and key employees (1989-1990).

Procter & Gamble: Provided assessment research and follow up recommendations for Successful plant shutdowns occurring throughout company (1989).

Kaiser Permanente: Provided two-day workshop to top management on successful downsizing (1989)

Research projects

Hewlett Packard: Extensive two-year research project on knowledge work teams (1989-1991)
Monsanto Chemical Company: Developed components of a learning organization. (1991)

1977-1988 Procter & Gamble Manager
Served in a variety of positions in manufacturing locations in the United States. The last position held with the organization was as a third-level manager, as Manager of Organizational Development in a manufacturing plant location. Throughout career, had line and staff responsibilities, primarily in packing operations and personnel. Directly responsible for a four million dollar budget and approximately one hundred people. Among major accomplishments were changing a unionized work system from traditional job based to skill based and, at another location, successful transfer and retraining of 450 personnel during a plant shutdown. Served as employee relations manager, with responsibilities for dealing with union relations and contractual and employment issues. Also was a training manager in two locations, including
being on-loan to corporate for system-wide training in management skills.

1973-1976 Coordinator of Special Programs, Iowa State University
Responsible for the creation of specialized university-wide seminars offered for student credit. Many topics changed every semester to represent the current cutting edge thinking by professors. Also developed and updated on-going university-wide advisor newsletter for all 800 academic advisors. Coordinated the University Honors program and instituted Freshman Honors program. Developed women's programming and instituted Women's Studies Program at ISU.

Selected Honors

Nominated, Howard A. White teaching award, 2009
Recipient, Leadership Institute Research Award, 1992
Recipient, Pepperdine University Research Grant, 1994
Recognition for Past Program Chair and President, Western Casewriters Association, 1997-1999

Additional Training through Certificate Programs

Coaching for Performance & Growth by OMI, 2001
Dispute Resolution by Resolve (a division of World Wildlife Fund), 1992
The Choice Course by OMI, 1990
Women Moving Forward by OMI, 1987
Total Quality Management by Procter & Gamble, 1983
Deming Management Seminar, 1982

Graziadio Business Review

Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto by Adam Werbach

Community by Peter Block

Emotional Dynamism: Playing the Music of Leadership

A Blueprint for Change: Appreciative Inquiry

Consolidate All IT?

Downsizing with Dignity

Launching an Effective Citizen Advisory Panel

When Worlds Collide