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Daniel Aleksander, MBA '14

Daniel Aleksander

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Ventura County Graziadio Alum Applauds MBA Program

Why did you choose Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School?

"The Pepperdine name has a certain cache, and that was a key factor in my decision-making because I knew future employers would hold my degree in high regard. I was also drawn to the school's Education to Business Program – an MBA consulting program in which students work with real businesses to identify solutions that enhance their organization."

How would you define the “Pepperdine difference”?

"All schools have differentiators, but Pepperdine stood out to me for two reasons. First, it encourages a collaborative working environment along with a practical application of business. At the Graziadio Business School faculty drive this practical application, which is the second reason I chose Pepperdine—the professors. They exemplify the "Pepperdine difference." They draw from their professional experience, and don't just teach from theory."

What program did you enroll in and why?

"As a working professional, I enrolled in the fully employed program because it was critical that I advance my career without putting it on hold. It was a busy year, but it proved to be beneficial, because I drew on my work experiences to tangibly relate to insights in the classroom. I chose to concentrate on leadership and managing organizational change because I knew it would have relevance to virtually any industry or avenue I ended up in."

How did getting your MBA from Pepperdine help to advance you in your career?

"When I walk into a boardroom I feel like I know a little bit about everything from management and operations to finance and marketing, the list goes on. At Riviera Bronze Manufacturing, the management team increasingly looks to me to draw from my experience and business education to advance our interests. I feel confident in asserting the knowledge and expertise I gained at Pepperdine in the workplace."

Was there a specific experience at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School that was especially meaningful?

"The Education to Business (E2B) Program was one of significant importance. It gave me the opportunity to act as a consultant for real companies to solve real industry issues and challenges. It's easy to get caught up in your own day-to-day work life, but the E2B program helped me to step outside of my own world and think across different industries as well as change the way I approach the industries I work with. Students enrolled in the Pepperdine MBA program will have the added benefit of working with companies and startups within the region."

About Daniel

Daniel Aleksander is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Riviera Bronze Manufacturing (RBM), a custom steel and bronze door and window manufacturer in Ventura, California. The company caters to boutique commercial projects ranging from wineries to restaurants, and high-end residential construction such as beachside bungalows up to 40,000+ square foot estates. Daniel’s experience at RBM includes project management, sales, estimating, business and product development, product certification and testing, and customer service. Under his management, the company has experienced significant sales growth, including roughly 55% year over year in 2013, and 40% sales growth year over year for 2014, while maintaining the strictest standards of ethics and quality. He received a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership and Managing Organizational Change from Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School in 2014. Daniel is originally from Santa Barbara, California and is pleased to see the Part-Time MBA program offered in his hometown.