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Alumni Spotlight Stories

Each month we "spotlight" a Pepperdine Graziadio School alumnus. Here are some of our most recent alumni stories.

Zarik Boghossian

Zarik Boghossian, MBA '93

Read Zarik's Story

Lauren Gibbs, EMBA '14

Lauren Gibbs, EMBA '14

Lauren Gibbs Sets Her Sights on 2018 Winter Olympics.

Read Lauren's Story

Jose Luis Munoz

José Luis Muñoz, BSM '14

Military Veteran Learned Value of Community at Pepperdine Graziadio.

Read José Luis' Story

John Atwood, MSOD '13

John Atwood, MSOD '13

Justin explains how the MSOD program introduced him to practical experiences that changed the trajectory of his career.

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Justin Nimergood, MSML '13

Justin Nimergood, MSML '15

Justin Nimergood Reflects on the Impact of his Pepperdine MS in Management and Leadership degree.

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Jordann Schoonover, MBA '15

Jordann Schoonover, MBA

Jordann Schoonover Highlights How Accessible Faculty and Small Classes Have Transformed Her MBA Experience.

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LeRon Bishop, MBA '15

LeRon Bishop, MBA '15

LeRon Bishop Reflects on the Impact of the Pepperdine Graziadio SEER emphases has had on his career.

Read LeRon's Story

Mary Price, MSOD

Mary Price, MSOD

Mary Price explains how the MS in Organization Development program has expanded her point of view on international business.

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Bob Mosbaugh, PKE '05

Bob Mosbaugh, PKE MBA '05

Bob Mosbaugh Speaks on the Pepperdine Difference and the Presidents and Key Executives MBA.

Read Bob's Story

Stefanie Fujinami, MBA '15

Stefanie Fujinami, MBA '15

Stefanie Reflects on the Impact of the E2B - Education to Business program and the value of small class sizes.

Read Stefanie's Story

Rent Spree


Recent Pepperdine Graziadio MBA graduates, Paul Sirisuphang, Angela Xing, and Michael Lucarelli, team up to offer Los Angeles housing options.

Read Their Story

Tara Saboff, MBA '16

Tara Saboff, MBA '16

Recent Graziadio Graduate Seeks to Propel Her Finance Career.

Read Tara's Story

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett, MBA '06

Travel Junky Turns Passion into Adventure Company

Read Michael's Story

Beth Waitkus

Beth Waitkus, MSOD '04

Pepperdine Graziadio Alum Transforms Prisoners' Lives through Connection to Nature.

Read Beth's Story

Devon Beste, MBA '14

Devon Beste, MBA '14

U.S. Marine Corp Veteran and Pepperdine Graziadio Alum Reflects on His MBA.

Read Devon's Story

Henry Rabello, MIB '15

Henry Rabello, MIB '15

Read Henry's Story

Mario Schweizer

Mario Schweizer, MBA '16

Pepperdine Transforms Military Veteran into Business Professional

Read Mario's Story

Daniel Aleksander, MBA '14

Daniel Aleksander, MBA '14

Ventura County Graziadio Alum Applauds the Part-Time MBA Program.

Read Daniel's Story

Ashley Wallace, MBA '14

Ashley Wallace, MBA '14

Fashion Guru Uses Her Pepperdine MBA to Turn Blog into Modern Clothing Line.

Read Ashley's Story

Osei Gyamfi

Osei Gyamfi, MBA '15

Pepperdine Graziadio Alumnus Uses MBA to Launch Social Web Application.

Read Osei's Story

Miki Teng MBA '16

Miki Teng, MBA '16

MBA graduate turns successful internship into new job at Dun & Bradstreet.

Read Miki's Story

Shane Skinner, MBA '08

Shane Skinner, MBA '08

From MBA student to successful start-up leader.

Read Shane's Story

Keith Obilana

Keith Obilana, MBA '13

Keith Obilana Encourages Students to Use Their MBA Experience to Serve Others

Read Keith's Story

Christie Hsiao, Full Time MBA ‘04

Christie Hsiao, MBA

Full-Time MBA Alumna Discusses Her Passion for Inspiring Others

Read Christie's Story

Ron Berryman

Ron Berryman, MBA '67

From the Founder of the Pepperdine University Black Alumni Council

Read Ron's Story

Elizabeth Vilardo, M.D. Graziadio alumna

Elizabeth Vilardo, MBA '99

Palo Alto Medical Foundation's First-Female CEO Discusses the High Impact of a Pepperdine Degree

Read Elizabeth's Story

Gigi Desai

Gigi Desai, MBA '16

Biochemist and Graziadio MBA Graduate Takes Social
to the Supermarket.

Read Gigi's Story

James Conway

James Conway, MBA '17

MBA Graduate Infuses SEER Values Into Municipal Sustainability Plan.

Read James' Story

Nobel Chang

Nobel Chang, MBA '15

Entrepreneur Expands Operations into International Markets with Skills Learned at Pepperdine Graziadio.

Read Nobel's Story

Ben McFarland

Ben McFarland, MBA '15

MBA Alumnus credits Pepperdine Graziadio for guiding him to lead a purpose-driven life.

Read Ben's Story

James Conway

James Conway, MBA '17

MBA graduate infuses SEER values into municipal sustainability plan.

Read James' Story

Karen Griego, MBA '14

Karen Griego, MBA '14

MBA graduate and Amazon professional transforms into an alumni ambassador for the Graziadio community.

Read Karen's Story

John Adrian, MBA '00

John Adrian, MBA '00

MBA graduate testifies to the many benefits of his Graziadio degree.

Read John's Story

Samanaz Kapadia

Samanaz Kapadia, MBA '10

Graziadio alumna reveals her passion for mentorship and giving back to the veteran community.

Read Samanaz's Story

Monica Smit

Monica Smith, MBA '12

MBA alum reflects on the value of the Graziadio community for building career network.

Read Monica's Story

Meisha Sherman

Meisha Sherman, MBA '05

MBA alumna and experienced human resources professional is dedicated to giving back to Pepperdine Graziadio and her community.

Read Meisha's story