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Graziadio Hallmarks: Values-Centered

Values-Centered Business Education at Pepperdine University

The Graziadio Mission

The mission of the George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management is to develop values-centered leaders and advance responsible business practice through education that is entrepreneurial in spirit, ethical in focus, and global in orientation.

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Values-Centered Leadership

A values-centered leader is one who believes ethics and profits need not be mutually exclusive to achieve success in business. In fact, we believe they should go hand in hand.

That's why we provide opportunities for values-centered leadership both in and out of the classroom. For example:

Noteworthy examples abound of Graziadio School students emerging as courageous leaders, compassionate global citizens, and people of integrity – the future of business.

Who-Based Career Decisions

Make decisions based on who you are and not what you think you are or think you should be, urged April 2013 graduation speaker and Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Blake Irving (MBA '88), CEO of Go Daddy, the world's largest provider of Web hosting.