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Dan Sanders

Presidents and Key Executives MBA

Dan Sanders

How have your studies at Pepperdine made a difference in your career?

Presidents and Key Executives MBA (PKE) students deliver an integrated strategic plan at the end of the program. The document contains an actionable plan specifically written for your company, so students realize immediate value upon graduation. 

Describe your most rewarding learning experience at Pepperdine.

During Dr. Wayne Strom's module our class had the opportunity to spend a day working with employable but unemployed California residents to prepare resumes and provide training for interviews.  The day proved most gratifying and humbling -- it was rewarding to be of service to people in need.

What were your reasons for choosing Pepperdine?

I chose Pepperdine because of the University's reputation for academic excellence and Christian values.

What do you think makes Pepperdine different than other schools?

The PKE program is unique because it allows a senior executive to complete their MBA in a board room environment with other senior executives.  The depth and breadth of discussion among senior leaders is extraordinary because the cohort gains special access to the leadership methods and business practices used to overcome today's complex challenges.

What advice would you give to future students going to business school?

"Pepperdine University helps business leaders discover how to drive the bottom line with people-first practices."



The future of business requires more than just an understanding of price and profit, it requires recognition of culture and choice. Pepperdine University helps business leaders discover how to drive the bottom line with people-first practices.

Who was your favorite professor or class and why?

Every professor and every course proved remarkable.  The professors all have a wealth of knowledge in business and academia so their teaching is made especially relevant since they draw upon firsthand experiences.