Graziadio Spotlight

Take a moment to read about the lives, careers and personal stories of some of our students, faculty and alumni. These individuals are making a mark both here at Pepperdine Graziadio as well as within their communities, excelling both personally and professionally. Each month we "spotlight" a Pepperdine Graziadio individual for their achievements. Let us shine a spotlight on you by letting us know how you are doing so that we can share your story.

In the Spotlight Stories

Graziadio Spotlight Stories

Nick Brown MS in Management and Leadership

Nick Brown, MSML Candidate

Air Force instructor joins the MSML program while building a leadership coaching business.

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Samir Patel

Samir Patel, EMBA Candidate

Graziadio Executive MBA candidate is promoted twice during his program.

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Bob McQuaid

Bob McQuaid, PhD

Newly Appointed Associate Dean of Operations Seeks to Revitalize Operational Effectiveness at Graziadio.

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Mark Mallinger

Mark Mallinger, PhD

Meet the New Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

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Stephanie Merino

Stephanie Merino

Graziadio Student Reflects on Her Positive Experience in the EMBA Program

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Samanaz Kapadia

Samanaz Kapadia, MBA

Alumna reveals her passion for mentorship and giving back to the veteran community.

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