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Mark Chun, Ph.D.

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How does the Graziadio School reflect the real world of business?
At Pepperdine University, we encourage our students to engage in real-life cases. And real-life cases means giving the students the opportunity to learn real theory in the classroom and to apply it to real-life examples in our community.

One example of this is how our students are currently engaged at Sony – they're releasing a new technology into the market. And before they release it into the market, they sought out Pepperdine students to come into their organization to evaluate the technology and to also provide recommendations for implementation.

What makes the Graziadio School unique?
One of the most unique things about Pepperdine University is that we have students who come from very diverse backgrounds. For example, I have students who come from the entertainment, health care, aerospace, and defense industries… So one of the benefits of this diversity is that students are able to see different viewpoints and get different perspectives on the theories we teach them based on the discussions we hold.

How do you incorporate values-centered leadership in your classes?
Each term, I ask my students to volunteer four to five hours of their time to do community service. We've been to Skid Row to feed the homeless, helped build houses with Habitat for Humanity, tutored for the Los Angeles Literacy Programs, and volunteered at women's shelters.

When they go into the field, students are reminded that they can have a positive impact on the community from both a business and an individual perspective. This values-centered experience allows them to understand how their decisions and actions can affect others. One of most rewarding things as a professor is to see my students take ideas from class and use them to make a difference in their community.

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