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Doreen Shanahan, MBA

What makes the Education to Business (E2B) Applied Learning Program unique?
Over the years, business education in the form of an MBA has been the benchmark for success. Yet many MBA programs are out of touch with the real-world demands of problem-solving, management, and strategy-building; often putting too much emphasis on management theory and too little on developing practical skills.

We've taken best practices from traditional case methodology and case competition to create the Education to Business (E2B) program. Students are able to work side by side and apply theory, in real time, to challenges presented by business executives in the classroom. As a result, we provide an environment where our MBA candidates can maximize their full potential, and gain the skills, experience, and knowledge to be competitive in the marketplace.

What do you hope your students take away from their experience at the Graziadio School?
So many students continue to stay in touch and provide me with updates about their professional careers. It is heartwarming as the director and founder of the E2B program to hear over the years how instrumental that experience was to so many of our students and how they have tapped into some of these unforgettable experiences that transpired in working on E2B projects.

We teach students that when making strategic decisions in business, there are many alternatives they can consider. Through the competing learning model, students are able to see that teams often evolve very different strategies, rationales, and points of view of how best to direct a company in the market.

What type of student thrives at the Graziadio School?
Someone who is engaged, curious, and learned. Students who expect to give, and in giving I mean they come prepared and eager to understand multiple points of view. Memorable learning takes place in that engagement.

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