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Edward Rockey, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Applied Behavioral Science

GSBM Instruction

Phone: (805) 379-5815

Email: edward.rockey@pepperdine.edu

Edward Rockey Professor of Applied Behavioral Science

Dr. Rockey presents programs on creative problem solving, communication, stress management, and leadership for corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Prudential Insurance and for smaller companies. He wrote, narrated, produced, and marketed the workbook/cassette album Successful Time Management and authored Communicating in Organizations (Winthrop Management Series). He has lectured in several countries including at an international conference in New Zealand which published his work on coaching students to write and present original, current, actual case studies which class members attempt to solve. Dr. Rockey maintains high interest in reporting research on how executives and entrepreneurs apply visual thinking, and he is presenting "Icons of the Managerial Mind" at the 2011 conference of the Creative Problem Solving Institute.

New York University

Doctor of Philosophy

City University of New York

Master of Arts

New York University

Bachelor of the Arts

Graziadio Business Review

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