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Rick Hesse, DSc

Professor of Decision Sciences


Washington University, St. Louis, MO – D.Sc. 1968
Major Area: Applied Math and Computer Science, School of Engineering

Washington University, St. Louis, MO – M.S. 1965
Major Area: Applied Math and Computer Science, School of Engineering

Washington University, St. Louis, MO – B.S. 1962
Major Area: Applied Math and Computer Science, School of Engineering


Rick Hesse is currently Professor and Chair of Decision Sciences and Marketing at Pepperdine University's Graziadio's Graduate Business School. He has taught in engineering schools at Mercer, West Point, and Georgia Tech, and in business schools at Wake Forest, San Diego, and Southern Cal. Rick has been teaching management science using spreadsheets since 1982 in both engineering and business schools at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Spreadsheet analysis is a very visual technique to help improve business operations and profitability.

From 1982-2007 he wrote a quarterly column in Decision Line, "In the Classroom," that featured teaching tips, mainly about spreadsheet use for solving quantitative models used in business and industry. Rick has written articles in Interfaces, Operations Research, Decision Sciences and several textbooks.

Rick has won numerous teaching awards, including the national Decision Sciences Innovative Instructional Award and the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal from the Department of the Army, and Teacher of the Year at the San Diego State School of Business.

Dr. Hesse has been involved in consulting on management science problems with companies including Semtech, YouBet.com, ITT, Pratt & Whitney, Brown & Williamson, Piedmont Airlines, GEICO, UPS, and Bluebird. He has held seminars and speaking engagements on management science at Coca Cola, AMOCO, Hughes Systems, US Steel, RJ Reynolds and other companies. Rick has taught seminars in Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Ireland (April 2006).

Area of Expertise

Management Science and Operations Research Forecasting

Current Research or Projects

Dr. Hesse is currently working on spreadsheet models for using moving averages for short term regression, and the origins of incorrect logarithmetic transformations for forecasting. He is also working on the incorrect use of ordinal and interval data for questionnaires.

Teaching Experience

1997 – present
Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business & Management (GSBM)
Professor of Decision Sciences (1997, tenured 2003),
Chair of Decision Sciences (2004-present)


Mercer University, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Professor of Management Science (tenured 1989)


Georgia Institute of Technology
Visiting Professor of Applied Management Science
School of Management


Wake Forest University, Babcock Graduate School of Business
Associate Professor (tenured 1985)


United States Military Academy
Visiting Professor, Department of Civil Engineering


San Diego State University, School of Business
Assistant/Associate (tenured 1977) /Full Professor (1979)


University of Southern California, School of Business
Assistant Professor


Washington University, School of Engineering, Instructor

Selected Publications and Presentations

Hesse, Rick; Majidian, James; Kappes, Andy; "Real-time Expected Value versus Expected Utility In-class Group Exercise for Decision Trees," 41st Annual Decision Sciences Institute Proceeding,November 20-23, 2010, pages 1221-1226.

"Hessian Regression for Moving Averages," International Institute of Forecasting Conference Proceedings, San Diego, June 20-22, 2010,

"Keeping Up with CSR During a Recession," Video Interview by Rick Hesse with Bill Sanderson and Chuck Browne of Golden State Foods, GBR, Volume 12, Issue 4, 2009. https://gbr.pepperdine.edu/094/csrinterview.html

"How Spreadsheets Changed the World," Hesse & Deborah Hesse Scerno, Interfaces, Volume 39, No. 2, March-April 2009, pages 159-167.

Book Review of Creating a World without Poverty – Social Business and the Future of
Capitalism by Muhammad Yunus, GBR, Vol 38, Issue 3, 2008

"An Investigation of a New Classroom Evaluation Instrument," National Decision Sciences Institute, November 2007, Proceedings & Presentation.

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"Incorrect Nonlinear Trend Curves in Excel," FORESIGHT, Vol 1, No. 3, Feb 2006, pages 39-43.

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"Transportation Model Reports for Excel," Decision Line, March 2001, pages 7-9, 12, Vol 32, No. 2.

"Triangle Distribution," Decision Line, May 2000, pages 12-14, Vol 31, No. 3

"Incorrect Nonlinear Curve Fits in Excel," Proceedings of the Western Decision Sciences Institute, April 2000.

"Improper Logarithmic Transformations in Excel," National Proceedings of the Decision Sciences Institute, November, 2000.

"Dynamic Postoptimal Analysis", Decision Line, March 2000, Vol 31, No. 2.

Professional Memberships

1970-Present: Decision Science Institute (DSI)

Council Member for 2 years (1972-76)
Feature Editor of "In the Classroom," Decision Line, for 25 years (1983-2007)
Nominee for At-Large Vice President, 1990
Nominee for Secretary, 1985
Track Chair, 1984 and 1991
Winner of Instructional Award, 1981
Committee on Committee Membership Selection, 1980-81
Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 1980-81
Vice President, 1979-81
Innovative Education Committee, Chair, 1978-79
Instructional Innovation Award Committee, Chair, 1984-85; member, 1983-84
Vice President, Alpha Iota Delta
Vice President-Programs and Meetings, Western, 1972-3
Numerous presentations at National Meetings and regionals
Chaired several sessions at National Meetings over the years

1968-78, 1983-Present: INFORMS
1994-1997: Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)

Honors and Awards

2005: Beta Gamma Sigma, Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business & Management
2004: Finalist, Howard A. White Teaching Award, Pepperdine University.
1982: The Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, Department of the Army, West Point.
1982: The Order of the Four Chaplains, West Point.
1981: Winner, Decision Science Institute Innovative Instructional Award.
1981: Finalist, San Diego State University Outstanding Professor Award.
1980: Finalist, Decision Sciences Institute Innovative Instructional Award.
1975-1976: Teacher of the Year Award, San Diego State University, College of Business.
1973: Skull and Dagger, University of Southern California


2004: Faculty Council
2000-2003: Chair, Learning Resources Committee
1998-2000: President, Faculty Organization