Julian Virtue Professorship

Center for Applied Research

 Applied Research Pepperdine Graziadio


To support faculty doing research in alignment with the mission of Pepperdine University and the Graziadio School


Two years

Level of Funding

This endowment will fund two faculty members. Each faculty recipient will be awarded a one course release (4 credits) for each year, along with an annual research fund of $5,000. All tenure/tenure track faculty members are eligible for the Julian Virtue Professorship. Awards will be made by the Dean upon recommendation of the Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Department Chairs.

Dean's Stipulations

Faculty who are awarded this endowment will continue to receive their annual development funds. In addition, they may apply for the Funds for Excellence, however, their applications will receive secondary priority. They are still eligible to receive AQ release time. They will be expected to report the results of their research to their faculty colleagues at a future Academic Forum or similar venue.

Other Requirements

Published articles resulting from work that is done supported by this funding should be acknowledged in the article. Example: “This research was supported by the Julian Virtue Professorship endowment.”

Proposal Format

Please ensure that your proposal contains at least the following sections:

  • Research Purpose and Relevant Background
  • Alignment with University Mission and Graziadio Mission
  • Research Design/Approach/Methodology
  • Application Value/Contribution to Practice
  • Deliverables including targeted publication(s)
  • Research Schedule and Milestones
  • Research Budget providing allocation of funding (e.g. data \bases, transcription,

Applicants are asked to include a copy of their updated curriculum vita with the proposal.