Faculty Spotlight

Center for Applied Research

Nelson Granados

Nelson Granados, PhD

Associate Professor of Information Systems; Director of the Center for Applied Research; Co-Director Institute of Entertainment, Media, and Culture

Dr. Granados's research has received multiple awards, including the 2007-2009 Julian Virtue Professorship, the Best Publication of the Year by senior scholars of the Information Systems field, and the 2006 Best Paper of the Year awarded by the Journal for the Association for Information Systems. His work has also appeared in multiple IS journals, including the Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, IS and eBusiness Management, and in a chapter of the book Advances in the Economics of Information Systems.

Charla Griffy-Brown

Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD

Professor of Information Systems Technology Management; Academic Director, Fully Employed MBA

Dr. Griffy-Brown's publications include more than 40 articles as well as books in the areas of technology management, information systems, and techno-economic development. Some of her publications are written in Japanese. She has also conducted information systems research at large enterprises such as American Honda Motor Corporation, as well as in more than 100 small and medium sized enterprises in Japan, the U.S., and China. Dr. Griffy-Brown's research is currently funded by an SAP University Alliance Grant, and she also has funding from the Pepperdine Voyager/Lilly Foundation, and the Rothschild Research Endowment as well as the Graziadio School of Business Funds for Excellence.

Kevin Groves

Kevin Groves, PhD

Associate Professor of Organizational Theory and Management

Dr. Groves's research has been published in numerous academic and practitioner journals, including the Journal of Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Human Resource Development Quarterly, and Journal of Management Development.

Augus Harjoto

Maretno Agus "Augus" Harjoto, PhD

Associate Professor of Finance

Dr. Harjoto’s dissertation was built based on how corporate governance evolves to address the agency problem when firms are going through their initial public offerings. In his early academic career, his research publications stem from agency issue and corporate governance in commercial banking industry by examining top executives compensation structure. He also discovered how banking industry relies heavily on government regulations. The complexity of banking regulations peeked his interests and led to published research papers in banking regulations and commercial loan pricing.

Miriam Lacey

Miriam Lacey, PhD

Professor of Applied Behavioral Sciences

Known for her wisdom regarding excellence in leadership, employee motivation and change management, Dr. Lacey maintains a vibrant executive coaching practice. Her research has been accepted by respected publications such as Organization Development Journal and Human Resources and Adult Learning, Vol.5.

Dave McMahon

Dave McMahon, DBA

Associate Professor of Marketing 

Dr. McMahon’s current research focus is in two areas:human resource logistics and nonprofits’ use of Web sites. He has been published in esteemed journals such as the Journal of Global Business, Journal of Business & Economics Research, and the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising.

Kurt Motamedi

Kurt K. Motamedi, PhD

Professor of Strategy and Leadership, Past Associate Dean of Executive Programs, Chair of Strategy Discipline, Director of Executive Programs and Chair of Faculty Council, Division and Program Chair Academy of Management

In addition to having his research published in the revered Journal of Management Inquiry, the Graziadio Business Report, and Competition Forum, Dr. Motamedi has received the excellence in teaching and service award from UCLA's Ojai Leadership and Engineering and Management programs.

Samuel Seaman

Samuel L. Seaman, PhD

Professor of Decision Science 

Dr. Seaman has an applied research agenda that focuses on the use of mathematical models to solve dilemmas in economics, finance, healthcare, and marketing. He has published in numerous academic journals including Business Economics, Communications in Statistics, Head & Neck Surgery, the Journal of Business Forecasting, the Journal of Business Venturing, and Strategic Management Journal.