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Best "in" the World v. Best "for" the World

Best in vs. Best for the World

Best for the World Leaders

At Pepperdine Graziadio, we believe that being best for the world of business is more valuable than being the best in the world of business. This small difference in language creates a large chasm in meaning.

Best "in" the World

In, as a word, signals introversion and limitation. Being the best in the world carries a similar connotation: you are alone at the top, situated between those you have surpassed and those who will, one day, surpass you. It is a fleeting state of being, and achieving its status often involves ignoring the human costs associated with earning the most money, selling the most product, or creating the most efficient solution. 

Best "for" the World 

Being best for the world suggests movement toward a higher calling. It involves leading by example, and infusing business decisions with a deeper meaning. Best for the world is about doing what is right, instead of what is easy, and acknowledging the journey to success is as important as the end result. Being best for the world demands an industry focus on service to the community and social engagement in action.