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International MBA

A full-time program at our breathtaking Malibu campus and abroad, with a focus on international business.

Prepare for success in multinational business. Pepperdine's International MBA (IMBA) program offers experience-driven learning both in the classroom and overseas in countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia. The IMBA program offers the foundational courses integral to the Pepperdine MBA with a concentration of international business electives and a trimester abroad to provide you with the global experience essential to succeed in today's multinational organizations.

International MBA program highlights

  • Study Abroad. Enhance your international expertise through a trimester of graduate business courses at one of Pepperdine's partner universities in Europe, Latin America or Asia.
  • Language Learning. Host language conversation courses are an integral part of the curriculum and are available in French, German, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish.
  • Electives Abroad. Broaden your expertise with elective courses taught on location for one week abroad through Global Business Intensive Courses.
  • Business Internship. Gain hands-on experience through an internship with an international or multinational company.
  • Double Degree. Eligible students may request to earn a second degree, in addition to the IMBA degree, from selected partner universities in France, Germany, and Mexico. High proficiency in the host-country language is required for the double degree and additional tuition charges apply.