DEAN’S MESSAGE: Find Your Center in 2013

Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Image courtesy of DreamWorks

Over the holiday break my family and I enjoyed having the time to see several movies that had just come out. One we found particularly enjoyable was Rise of the Guardians. While this is an animated movie marketed to children, it has a much deeper message that I believe is relevant for us at the Graziadio School.

A classic tale of the battle of good (the Guardians) vs. evil (Pitch, the Boogey Man), the traditional Guardians (Santa, Sandman, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy) are joined by a new Guardian, Jack Frost. Jack, however, doesn’t understand why he has been chosen as a guardian or what he has to contribute to protecting children from the fear generated by Pitch.

Santa implores Jack to find his “center” (which for Santa is wonder, for Sandman dreams, for Easter Bunny hope and for Tooth Fairy light) and then he will know his role. Ultimately, as you might expect, Jack learns that his center is “fun” and through that plays an instrumental role in helping the guardians overcome Pitch’s fear so that children do not lose wonder, dreams, hope, light and fun.

As we begin a new year at the Graziadio School, reflecting on what is our center and, I think, how we live out our center in the classroom and in our interactions with our students and with one another is a valuable exercise.

Our mission statement articulates four core values that help to “center” us: integrity, courage, compassion and stewardship. In the coming year may we all exhibit integrity in our words and deeds, may we display courage to live out our values on a daily basis, may we show compassion for our colleagues and those less fortunate, and may we be good stewards of the gifts and resources God has given each of us.

Dean Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D.Wishing each of you a blessed and centered 2013,
Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Management

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth In Silicon Beach



(Published by Santa Monica Mirror. Reprinted by permission.)

Entrepreneur-in-residenceIn recent months, a technology startup hub around West Los Angeles with Santa Monica at the heart has gained much steam including national media coverage. Dubbed “Silicon Beach,” the roughly three-mile stretch of sand from Venice to Santa Monica, is now home to more than 500 start-ups. Ambitious, mostly young businesspeople have set up shop to serve a wide range of industries including internet broadcast services, traditional entertainment, mobile applications and celebrity-aligned companies.

Entrepreneurship is, at its core, a creative activity. And that is exactly what draws people to start a business near the übercool Venice Beach boardwalk and the inspiring beach-oriented work environment in Santa Monica. The area offers a vibrant social scene, great weather and an ocean view.

It’s not surprising that Silicon Beach is enjoying so much success. According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association, businesses in LA and Orange County earned more than $1.1 billion in venture capital investments in the first two quarters of 2012. While this is less than the venture capital investment in Silicon Valley, it is more than the VC investments in Colorado and Texas combined. Investors have their sights set on the southern part of the state; Silicon Beach is proving to be an area that will breed start up businesses with an accelerated return on investment.

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth In Silicon Beach Not only are investors important to the success of Silicon Beach, but entrepreneurial talent is the most highly desired asset for those businesses that aim to achieve high performance over the longer term. Further, shaping the future of the tech hotbed will require collaboration among city leaders, policy makers, and local educational institutions among others. With that in mind, here are three areas that will further accelerate growth in Silicon Beach: Continue reading

Graziadio Ranks Among L.A. Top MBA Programs


Los Angeles Business Journal

(LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL) –The Graziadio School of Business and Management ranked fourth among the top 20 Los Angeles County MBA programs in the annual regional ranking by the business journal, published this week. Based on number of degrees awarded last year, only USC Marshall, UCLA Anderson and La Verne respectively placed ahead. The Graziadio School conferred more business degrees than Loyola Marymount University, Claremont’s Drucker School, Cal State-Los Angeles and California Lutheran University combined.

Pepperdine University placed 11th among regionally colleges and universities.

Graziadio School Introduces Digital Magazine

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Graziadio Magazine

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The school’s new digital publication captures the Spring 2012 trimester’s top stories. Graziadio Magazine celebrates the recent successes in each key objective of the school’s strategic five-year plan Distinctive Leadership 2015:

  • Enrich Student Learning
  • Enhance Thought Leadership
  • Cultivate Community
  • Build Partnerships
  • Advance Reputation

If this is your first time learning about Distinctive Leadership 2015, this magazine serves as an excellent introduction.

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Among the highlights you will find in Graziadio Magazine:

  • Melding Experience and Scholarship to Build Students’ Skills
  • Helping Part-time Students Make the Connection
  • Pepperdine 2012 U.S. Economic Forecast
  • Six Trends CIOs Must Track and Leverage
  • Graziadio Alumni Network Breakfast Series Serves Up Small Business Feast
  • Small-school Culture Still Supports Fast-growing Full-time Programs
  • Which Southern California CEOs Create the Most Value
  • Emphasizing Economic Rebalance Between the U.S. and China
  • Faith, Business and Education

There is much more, including class notes and numerous award recognitions. Learn more about the Graziadio School’s vision for the future by reading our magazine. Download your copy here.

Graziadio Business Review Revisits Most Popular Articles


Several of the older Graziadio Business Review articles have a long shelf life and are often visited by our readership. We wondered what the authors would share if the article were printed today. In the latest GBR issue, authors went back to eight of our most popular and most timely articles to give us an update. The authors explore how the economy and world events have impacted the information from their original article. Continue reading