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HUFFINGTON POST: Tips for Women Starting Businesses


bernice.ledbetter.facultyResearch has shown that strong network ties are critical for women entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to accessing capital, writes Pepperdine management professor Bernice Ledbetter, a contributor on Huffington Post. While women are making headway in securing financing, Pitchbook reports that women-founded companies represented 13 percent of Venture Capital deals through the first half of 2013. “Having strategic connections can help women navigate the complex investment environment and secure the financing they need to support their business,” she writes.

Dr. Ledbetter offers advice to women starting businesses. She highlights the importance of building a network, take advantage of numerous organizations dedicated to helping women succeed, and encourage women to find a mentor and then become one.

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HUFFINGTON POST: Tips for Women to Lead in the Workforce


bernice.ledbetter.facultyMany men are willing to take risks, including asking for a promotion or a raise. Women, on the other hand, can be very pragmatic, considering the risks, but not the rewards. “Gender diversity is important in the workforce and armed with the right tools, it is a great time for women to aspire to leadership positions,” says Pepperdine University management professor Bernice Ledbetter, blogging for Huffington Post.

She outlines five things that women should do to move ahead professionally. “This advice will help women overcome the myriad invisible barriers that exist within the corporate world and political system,” she writes.

FORBES: Why Business Loans Get Rejected


forbes-thumbnailForbes reports Pepperdine research found that the top reason banks rejected a small business business loan application was the quality of the applicant’s earnings or cash flow. Insufficient collateral and debt load were the next most common reasons, according to the banks surveyed.

Smaller businesses often run into problems because their sales are generated by a small number of customers, or their earnings look weak. “A lot of small businesses, to be frank, really don’t manage their businesses in order to maximize earnings because they’re trying to minimize taxes, so they’ll have a lot of expenses,” Forbes quoted Dr. Craig Everett saying. “But of course, that hurts them when they go to sell the business or get a loan.”




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FORBES: Disputes in Company Valuation Led to Failed Deals, Survey Finds


forbes-thumbnailOne in three attempts by private companies to sell their businesses fell through, and for 20% of those occurrences, it was because of a dispute in the company’s valuation, according to a survey by Pepperdine University’s Private Capital Markets Project. One reason for the failed deals, the survey found, is that buyers and sellers couldn’t agree on a price as the method for valuing companies ranged from using income, assets or market-based approaches.


Source: “Is Your Business Worth As Much As You Think? Many Aren’t”