How Do You Change The World?


Alumni of the M.S. in Organization Development program this year convened a conference in Cincinnati that placed community—both Cincinnati’s and the MSOD program’s –at its center. Susan Fleetwood (MSOD ’07), business director at Microsoft, and William Sparks (MSOD ’04), a consultant and co-president of the Pepperdine MSOD Alumni Council, have documented key lessons from the four-day gathering into the PDF paper “How Do You Change The World?”

Working with Peter Block, renowned author and speaker on organizational design, community building and civic engagement, Susan and William describe how MSOD organizers dispensed with the usual conventions of a keynote speaker, panel discussions and breakout sessions. Instead, they focused on modeling a community within the gathering that included involving local community organizers as well.

Peter Block advocates the need for a culture of accountability. He contends that society and organizations turn their attention away from leaders and refocused on citizens with a commitment towards the creation of a deeper sense of community and citizenship. He asserts that a community’s well-being relies on the quality of the relationships and the cohesion that exists among its citizens. Working with Peter, MSOD alumni set out to put his vision into practice. The result is a blueprint for how organizations can bring the communities they serve and their own members into a shared experience to deepen connection and leads to action that benefits all.

Download the PDF paper “How Do You Change The World?” and learn six simple keepsakes any organization can follow to affect change and positive engagement that will foster community and citizenship.

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