WORLEY: Move Past Quarterly Earnings to Real Sustainability


In a contribution to Forbes’ CSR blog, Professor Christopher G. Worley emphasizes, ”Instead of maximizing profits, organizations should focus on optimizing sustainable effectiveness, driving financial, social and environmental outcomes over longer periods of time.”

Dr. Worley, co-author of Management Reset: Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness, is senior research scientist at USC’s Center for Effective Organizations, and professor of management at Pepperdine University.

He writes:

When organizations are obsessed with lean and mean efficiency, when maximizing profit is the sole measure of achievement and success, there is little room—financially, operationally and most importantly psychologically—to build healthier communities, communicate with nongovernmental organizations about environmental waste, or work with employees to save energy. Everything becomes a “business” decision. While we focus on the flame, we forget the house is burning.

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