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MBA Employment Statistics

MBA Employment Statistics

2013 Pepperdine MBA Employment Statistics

Graduates Seeking Employment

Graduates seeking full-time professional employment: 58%

Graduates not seeking employment: 28%

Unknown: 14%
2012-2013 Class Profile MBA Employment Statistics

Annual MBA Career Conferences

  • Net Impact Conference, Silicon Valley
  • National Black MBA Association Conference, Houston, Texas
  • MBA Women International Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs Conference, San Antonio, Texas
  • National Association of Asian MBAs, New York, New York

Primary Source of Job Offer

School-facilitated activities: 44.4%

Graduate-facilitated activities: 37.1%

No information provided by graduate: 18.5%


Received first job offer within three months of graduation: 68%

Top 15 Recruiting Firms:



Farmer's Insurance

Bank of America


Intel Corporation


Cornerstone OnDemand



GE Capital

Union Bank



Oracle Corporation


Percentage of students providing usable base salary information: 81%

Percentage of job-accepting graduates receiving a signing bonus: 41%

Mean base salary: $74,558

Median base salary: $75,000

Mean signing bonus: $14, 750

Median signing bonus: $5,000

Mean other guaranteed compensation: $10,153

Median other guaranteed compensation: $8,250

Functional Areas

Graduating students accepting jobs in the following functional areas:

Consulting: 4%

Finance/Accounting: 29%

Human Resources: 6%

Marketing/Sales: 12%

MIS: 6%

Operations/Logistics: 6%

Other Job Functions: 25%


Graduating students accepting jobs in the following industries:

Consulting: 4%

Consumer Products: 10%

Financial Services: 25%

Manufacturing: 4%

Media/Entertainment: 8%

Petroleum/Energy: 2%

Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Healthcare Products: 4%

Technology: 27%

Other: 17%

Offers by Region

Graduates accepting full-time jobs by region (International):

Asia: 4%

North America: 94%

Middle East: 2%

Graduates accepting full-time jobs by region (North America):

Northeast: 6%

Mid-Atlantic: 2%

South: 6%

Southwest: 10%

Midwest: 2%

West: 69%


Top 16 internship firms:


Warner Bros.

Bank of America

Diamond Capital Partners

World Vision


The Mark Gordon Company

Mattell, Inc.

Roll International

Merrill Lynch

Target Corporation

The Walt Disney Company


City of Malibu

Derivitas, Inc.

Fiji Water

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