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MS in Organization Development

Read first-hand accounts about the renowned Master of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) program at the Pepperdine Graziadio School. MSOD students write about their unique learning experiences, international sessions, and personal takes on the relevant issues regarding organization development today.

Sara McNamara

Sara McNamara

My Stars Aligned

Sara McNamara is the Program Manager for the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program.

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Omar Morales Practicum

Omar Morales, MSOD '17

Practicum 3 in Santiago, Chile

Appreciative Inquiry, Complexity Theory, and Large Scale Change

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Maegan Scott, MSOD

Maegan Scott, MSOD '17

The Powerful Story of You, Transformed

"To be an agent of change, to use oneself as an instrument of change, one needs to have clarity on one's strengths, baggage, and blind spots; on what makes you uniquely powerful."

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Tony Petrella OD

Tony Petrella, MSOD '75

Utilizing Systems Theory within Organization Development (Video)

"You shouldn’t have to leave part of who you are to your personal world. You should be able to bring your full sensibility, your emotions, and your feelings [to work], and deal with that in a constructive way. Learn how to be authentic."

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Gabriel Lockwood

Gabriel Lockwood, MSOD '16

A Recipe for Met Needs à la Française

"With our minds and hearts primed to observe and experience what we saw with openness and a spirit of inquiry, every moment had the potential to be a rich learning experience."

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Maxine Clarke

Maxine Clarke, MSOD '17

The Journey to MSOD

"I spent a lot of time daydreaming about my life in the MSOD program before I decided to apply. Each visit to the website was like a fun little holiday for me...Today, that daydream has become my reality."

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MSOD Judy Mikalonis

Judy Mikalonis, MSOD '17

Intensive 1: A Look Inside

“Words can’t express the depth of my gratitude for the opportunity to learn alongside the brilliant individuals of Upsilon Prime."

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MSOD Panel

Angela Martin, MSOD '16

Powerful Dialogue at the MSOD Career Insights Series

"It is truly a privilege to be part of such a generous, competent and agile community that continues to expand with expertise, as well as diversity."

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Darron A. Padilla, MSOD '17

MSOD Intensive 1: Career Clarity Found

"For the first time in a long time, I became energized about the possibility of becoming an MSOD practitioner and help people and organizations transform. I finally got clarity on the direction I needed to take my career."

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Alissa Tuschall

Alissa Tuschall, MSOD '17 

Magic World of Design

"The learning from these sessions provided me with a depth of theoretical and experiential learning that is invaluable. I didn’t realize how much I absorbed until I came back to work and applied some of the learnings in my day-to-day interaction."

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