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Peate Institute for Entrepreneurship

Where Entrepreneurs Develop and Launch Successful Business Ventures

The largest hurdle for new business ventures is the transition from idea generation to product launch, often due to the lack of startup capital and strategic counsel as research has shown us1. In fact, 90% of all start-ups fail based on a number of key factors; lack of market need, lack of sufficient capital, assembly of the wrong team, and superior competition2.

At the Peate Institute, we help you develop and refine your business concept to address market needs. You'll learn how to launch and differentiate your company through our one-of-a-kind offerings, featuring:

  • a hands-on, personalized approach to your learning
  • an MS in Entrepreneurship degree you can earn while you launch your business
  • professors who empower you to create innovative products that are both good for business and better for the world

Built For You To Thrive

Peate Institute Scholarships

Full Scholarships

Full tuition scholarships awarded annually to all participants.

Peate Institute Scholarships

Degree Credit

Earn credit toward your MS degree for each start-up milestone.

Peate Institute Scholarships

Start-Up Environment

Facilities, equipment, and community are all set up for your success.

Peate Institute Scholarships

Built-In Network

Access advisors, faculty, and industry professionals working in Venture Capital.

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1 "Starting Your Own Private Business: Practical Tips for Young Entrepreneurs," Ernst & Young, www.ey.com/ca, (2014)
2 Erin Griffith, "Why Startups Fail, According to Their Founders," Fortune, www.fortune.com, (March 2, 2015)