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Student Spotlight

Graziadio School students are values-centered leaders who are making a difference in the world of business and the world at large. Read what they have to say about how our business programs have changed their lives. Click on a student's photo to read their full story.

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Tracy Liu

Full-time MBA 2011

"I continue to apply what I learned during strategy class to my job in the corporate citizenship strategy team at Disney."

Dan Sanders

Presidents and Key Executives MBA 2010

"Pepperdine University helps business leaders discover how to drive the bottom line with people-first practices."

Angel Stallings

BS in Management 2011

"It was refreshing to see the importance this institution placed on ethics."

Ahmaad Nowell

Fully Employed MBA 2012

"I feel Pepperdine is ahead of the game when it comes to ethics-centered leadership."

Mary Price

MS in Organization Development (MSOD) 2013

"We are not just reading about doing business in Europe, South America and Asia, we are physically working there and getting to live what we are learning in real time."

Paul Jacques

Executive MBA 2012

"From the first Monday morning after the first class weekend I was able to apply lessons learned directly to my organization."

Kimber Maderazzo

Presidents and Key Executives MBA 2010

"Being in business for so long, you think you pretty much have mastered it - but the program really helps you look at things differently. "

Neil Parrish

Fully Employed MBA 2011

"Pepperdine is high-touch with their level of service and willingness to help."

Geoffroy Dubuisson

Full-time MBA 2011

"I always enjoyed learning by doing and that is exactly what one should expect when coming here."

Lyon Kassab

Executive MBA 2010

"I can point to "A-ha!" instances in each class and that is a reflection of the caliber of both the curriculum and the faculty."

Elizabeth Coipel

BS in Management 2012

"What sets Pepperdine apart is its commitment to your personal success and the years of industry experience that the professors bring. "

Dixie Abramian

Executive MBA 2010

"The trust, respect, and individual attention from the professors are second to none. "

Gina Warren

Full-time MBA 2011

"Pepperdine's collaborative community, focused on teamwork and values-based leadership, differentiates itself from other schools."

Jennifer Belbis-Bassik

Fully Employed MBA 2010

"You will notice the intimate classroom setting, which allows you to have a personal connection to your peers and professors."

Christian Chao

MS in Organization Development (MSOD) 2013

"The facilitated conversations allowed for a process of self-discovery, deepened self-awareness, and true learning to occur."

Christina Caceres

Fully Employed MBA 2011

"My studies at Pepperdine have made me a more strategic thinker and confident leader. "

Earl Cummings

Presidents and Key Executives MBA 2009

"The program, overall, helped exponentially in strategic thinking and planning."

Heather Reyes

MS in Management and Leadership 2010

"My professors and colleagues shared a genuine interest in the development of each other's potential."

Joan Goodwin

MS in Organization Development (MSOD) 2009

"The MSOD alumni network in and of itself was worth the tuition of my program."

Jim Neas

Joint Bachelor's and MBA 2011

"For me, the real-time, right-now learning was the reward at Pepperdine."

Ryan Lee

MS in Management and Leadership 2009

"I have grown tremendously in my ability to recognize leadership opportunities, to manage up, and to know more about myself."