Pepperdine University | Graziadio Business School


Executive Certificate in Commercial Real Estate

Innovative, First of Its Kind Program in Collaboration with Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)




We are collaborating with Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), with a first of its kind, innovative program for the commercial real estate industry. As part of this national collaboration with MBA, we will provide unprecedented value for real estate professionals.

  • Access to various MBA courses as part of the self-paced elective selection.
  • One self-paced elective course is required with a maximum of two elective courses allowed. Students can choose from among 10 elective offerings, of which the following are offered by MBA and can earn 25 points toward MBA’s Certified Mortgage Banker designation.
  • Elective Courses:
      - Asset Management in CRE and Multifamily Lending
      - Basics of CRE and Multifamily
      - Benchmarking CRE and Multifamily Servicing Performance
      - Commercial Servicing Agreements
      - CRE and Multifamily Servicer Loan Level Surveillance
      - Insurance Compliance for CRE and Multifamily Lending
      - Life Cycle of CRE and Multifamily Loans
      - Navigating Commercial Loan Documents
      - Servicing Operations in CRE and Multifamily Lending
  • Graduates of the program are eligible to submit their Chartered Realty Investor (CRI) Designation applications. For application information, call MBA at 800-793-622 or email at
  • A 12-month subscription to MBA’s commercial/multifamily Newslink.